3 Easy Ways to Make a Steady Income from Your Website

Creating, maintaining and selling websites Is one of the most interesting ways of earning a living available today. There are countless methods available to make money from a website even if only a few people read it consistently.
Here are three of them:

1 – Google Adsense
One of the easiest methods of making money from a website is to incorporate Google Adsense ads into your content. Google’s Adsense program will match the content of the ads to the content of your website as closely as any computer could. You can even block certain ads from appearing on your website if you want. Each time your readers click on these ads, your account will be credited for a portion of the money paid for each click by the advertiser. At the end of the month, Google will add up your total and then pay it out to you at the end of the next month.
There are advantages and disadvantages to this method of monetization. On the plus side, you have no responsibility for customer follow-up, collecting payments, worrying about conversion rates on a sales page or any of those areas handled by the advertisers. Your job is simply to create enough interest from your readers that they will click on the ads. On the negative side, you end up actually working to send people AWAY from your website. When they do leave your website, you receive only a portion of what an actual product sale might net you. Still, Google Adsense pays out more total money to website publishers than most of the rest of the available monetization sources combined.

2 – Amazon Associates Program
Amazon is one of the most well known and trusted companies on the internet. They sell many thousands of products from books through furniture and much more. Although the program is not available in some states which have decided to attempt to collect sales tax on internet sales, in most states you will find it easy to sign up for the Amazon Associates Program. Once signed up, Amazon will pay you a percentage of every product purchased by readers who clicked on links to Amazon on your website. This program is great for websites which focus on product reviews because you can link directly to the products on Amazon. It also works well on informational sites when you offer books and periodicals related to the subject matter of your blog. However, the best payouts from Amazon occur on higher ticket physical goods rather than from books.

3 – Sell your websites
If you are the type of person who would rather move from project to project rather than stay involved with the same website constantly, then selling websites may be a good option for you. Once you have built a website, you can use auction marketplaces such as Flippa.com to sell it. The advantage of a site like Flippa is that you have a huge market of people already looking for websites. You can’t get a great deal of money for a brand new website with no traffic and no provable income, but you can sell that same website over and over again using different domain names, thus making the work of setting it up worth it. If you take the time to build up even a little bit of traffic and income for the site, you can sell it for much more money.

These are just 3 ways to make money from a website. Your options are only limited by your imagination and your willingness to take action and get started.

3 Easy Ways to Make a Steady Income from Your Website
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