Google Pigeon – What You Need To Know

Pigeon is one of the newest moves by Google, geared towards providing search engine users results that are more relevant. While there is little information shared by Google about this update, website owners and webmasters shares that there is a significant change in their local rankings since the day this new algorithm was launched. It is easy to get lost in this newest algorithm and you may be losing money more than you are earning them in the process.

Google confirmed the release of new search algorithms on July 24, 2014 for all US English results. No further information was given when the update will affect other countries and languages. Unlike the other updates (Panda and Penguin), Google Pigeon is not penalty based, rather it is made to clean up and make core changes in local search engine rankings. Local businesses may notice a decrease or increase in their leads and referrals due to the change.

Here are some of the ways Google Pigeon may affect your online business and what you need to do to avoid being delisted from the rankings.

Local Listing Packs Changes

One of the most profound results with this update is the lower number of local listing packs showing in search engine results. This means if you are a pizza restaurant in New York, you’ll have less chance of getting to the top of the search result on Google Local limiting your chances of getting seen by customers. According to SEO experts, you can still do something by creating a powerful PPC campaign to improve lead generation.

Local Rankings Depends On Website Authority

Pigeon makes local search results tied to traditional Web search result rankings. This means domain authority, backlinks and other SEO driven factors will determine your local ranking. Needless to say, if your site lacks local SEO touches, you need to work on it. To know how your site is performing run a competition result on your content, backlinks and other SEO factors on your site.

Rankings for Other Directories Now Matter

According to SEO experts, those with good rankings through YELP and other major directories are now seeing a boost in their own results. This means you should widen your presence by also using other search directories. Some web users may not find your business on search engine results, using any major directories will help them find your business more often.

Other Important Steps To Take

Aside from the changes and tips mentioned above, you will be able to gain more website presence by apply various SEO needs. Some of the things to take note of include:

  • Make sure you have individual Google+ Local page for your business for Indexing
  • Choose the proper category for your business on Google+ Local
  • Use local area code on your Google+ Local Pages Everything should match so that you are considered a legit business
  • NAP is important, NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMER that appears on your local directory listing should match what is found on your website. It should be consistent across all local directories.
  • Add the right keywords. It is important to add keywords on your business title.
  • Get the help of an expert. There is no harm in hiring an expert to help you rank better for local directories. Check out InfintechDesigns, a SEO firm from New Orleans, LA.

Knowing how to adapt is important for every website, especially in an ever changing Google marketing landscape. Websites will perform better when they have strategized their SEO tasks in a way that can easily adapt to Google algorithm changes. To know more about SEO and how it can benefit your business, click here.

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