How to Attract Readers to Your Website

In order to make money from a website, you must build up an audience of regular readers and you must constantly be attracting new readers. In the beginning, this process can easily become the most work and time intensive part of making a living from your website.  However, the silver lining to this cloud is that this work will tend to have a snowball effect. The more you consistently promote your website, the greater the cumulative effect of your efforts, and the more money you make.
Here are 3 ways to promote your website and attract readers:

1 – Participate In Forums

Once you have some interesting content posted on your website, locate the top forums, Yahoo and Google groups, and even old style email lists on your subject matter. Join those communities, take some time to read through the material already posted there, and become familiar with the rules and customs. Once you have the “lay of the land”, start participating in the conversations. Always include a signature line with an interesting blurb and a link to some content on your website. Don’t simply use the name of your website or even worse the website URL with no further information as your signature.  Use a link that inspires curiosity among the people interested in the subject matter of your website. As your posts in the community build, so will your regular readership.

2 – Get readers to sign up for an email list

A website really starts to make money when you can get readers to come back to it again and again. The most basic key to this, of course, is creating good content that they will want to read. However, if you get your readers to sign up to an email list to be notified about updates to your website, it opens up a whole new world of promotional opportunities. You can use a free email notification service such as Google’s Feedburner which simply notifies all those who sign up about every update you make to your website. However, this service does not let you email your list directly. For that you will need an autoresponder service such as Aweber, ImnicaMail, Get Response, or MailChimp. There are many more to choose from and each has its own pluses and minuses. Some will let you sign up for free until the number of people on your mailing list becomes substantial. Many readers WANT to come back to read your website, but they simply forget to check back for new content. When you are able to notify them about new content, you massively increase the chances they will return and become fans. Be very careful about emailing readers about anything else when they signed up for website content notifications. It can be done, but you must be very careful.

3 – Create a Facebook Page

Almost everyone these days is on Facebook. In fact, a huge percentage of the population signs in every day. This is an enormous opportunity for what is referred to as “viral marketing”. Viral marketing is simply the process of getting an ever expanding circle of readers to recommend your website to their friends. If you create an exciting and informative Facebook Page, you can draw a lot of traffic to your website. This is also another method to keep people aware of your website updates.
These are only 3 of literally thousands of potential ways to attract readers to your website. Spend a little time each day promoting your website and you will find yourself making money before you know it.

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