How to Create Content for Your Website Quickly

Most people who want to make a business out of owning websites do so because they believe that a website can create “passive income” – income that is produced repeatedly from the same original effort. When the same effort produces income over and over again, less work is needed to create the same income. Create enough passive income sources and you will soon be able to produce the income you need with very little time invested. However, the key to creating this passive income is to be able to produce content for your websites quickly and consistently. Customers turn to the internet for information and you make money by becoming a top source for that information. Here are three ways to create content for your website quickly.

  • Make Use of Google Alerts and Planning

Open a Google account, sign in and then do a search in Google News for the primary keywords your website is designed around. At the bottom of that search page will be a link you can click on to set up Google Alerts. Google Alerts will email you when there is any news about your keywords. Read the articles featured in the alerts and use them as raw material for your own articles or blog posts. The easiest method of accomplishing this is to take several points from the articles you have read and create an outline for your own article from these points. In other words, plan your article BEFORE you start trying to write it. Once you have an outline, it takes much less time to fill out the details around that framework. If you are working with appropriately popular keywords, then this method will provide fresh content for you every day.

  • Use Private Label Rights Material

Private label rights material is content that is written to be sold to many buyers who will all use that same content as the framework for their own articles, blog posts and even information products. Using private label rights material, usually referred to as PLR, from reputable writers is an excellent way to save research time. Researching your topic is very often the most time consuming part of the web content production process. Purchasing PLR gives you all your research, well organized and in one handy place. The trick to using PLR effectively is to master the art of rewriting the material quickly, giving it your own twist and making it seem fresh and exclusive to your website. Reading the material thoroughly and then creating an outline first is one of the most efficient ways to do this.

  • Ask Other People to Write Content for You

This is much simpler than it may seem. Of course, you can always pay writers to produce articles for your website or even buy prewritten articles that are sold only to you (as opposed to private label rights articles sold to many people.) However, you will be surprised how many great writers you can get to provide good content in exchange for a simple link back to their website included at the bottom of their article.

Creating content quickly and consistently is the path to success earning money from websites. The more content you produce, the more likely it is that you will hit on that magic combination that creates a stream of passive income from your website.

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