How to Earn Money From Wine Tastings at Home

Wine tasting has been favorite pastime for wine enthusiasts around the world. Often wine lovers travel hundreds or even thousands of miles to taste a certain wine at a vineyard. Local liquor stores and eateries also conduct special wine tastings and food pairings. Now this elite experience is available in the comfort of your own home. Wine tasting parties are a way to get people together to taste a variety of wines and learn how to pair them with the right foods. Independent wine consultants earn money by conducting tastings for wine lovers at their homes.

Bringing the Vineyard Experience Home

Visiting a vineyard is a fabulous way to enjoy wine. Often a tour is provided or an explanation of how the wines were made. A tasting room offers a taste of various wines from a server who lets you know about their subtle nuances. A glass urn is provided where you can toss out tastes you don’t like. The wines are frequently served with cheeses, grapes and crackers as well as luxurious chocolates. People travel far and wide to go to a vineyard for tastings. Now this vineyard experience is available at your chosen venue. From an estate backyard to your living room, an Independent Wine Consultant from Traveling Vineyard arrives to create this atmosphere at your desired location. The consultant brings wine and discusses what foods to serve with the hostess before the party happens. Invitations are sent then everyone feels like they are at an actual vineyard when they arrive.

Savoring the Moment

The beauty of wine tasting is the ability to compare different flavors, colors and textures. Before you invest in a bottle, you know its aroma and how it tastes. During a free wine tasting party, the consultant pours various wines and explains what they are. The hostess serves food to pair with the wines. This is also a way for guests to learn more about how to pair foods with wines. They go beyond the basics of serving white wine with seafood. Exciting new dishes are presented with wines to complement them. The food is easy to prepare so it is never a hassle for the hostess. As a reward, the hostess often earns certain free gifts if the sales at the party are strong. Guests never get stuck with a bottle of wine they don’t like because they had an opportunity to try it before they buy it. The consultant can earn money and have a great time sharing fine wines with guests.

Making Wine a Business

Beyond having a party, many wine lovers are making their favorite hobby a business. Independent Wine Consultants for Traveling Vineyard are not required to go to school for years. They simply need a passion for wine and the desire to learn more about it then share their knowledge at parties. Some people use the opportunity as a second income and others turn it into a full-time career. Either way, they are getting paid to appreciate wine and share it with other people. Because the parties are increasingly popular, most consultants get the average of two bookings per party. Best of all, people are learning more about wine without traveling around the world.

How to Earn Money From Wine Tastings at Home
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