How to Make Money on Your Own Internet Radio

This article describes how to create your own radio-channel, how to broadcast your media and how to monetize this activity.

In fact all you need is little time and several programs, that you can download from the Internet. First of all you will need the server. Your audience will connect to it in order to listen to your content. We recommend to use Icecast2 — this is a free server software for streaming multimedia.

After downloading and starting Icecast, open the Configuration window. You will need just several strings to change:


<!– Sources log in with user name ‘source’ –>

<source-password>TYPE YOUR PASSWORD HERE AND REMEMBER IT</source-password>

<!– Relays log in user name ‘relay’ –>

<relay-password>RETYPE YOUR PASSWORD</relay-password>

2) <!– Admin logs in with the username given below –>

<admin-user>TYPE YOUR NICKNAME</admin-user>

<admin-password>RETYPE YOUR PASSWORD AGAIN</admin-password>

Save the changes. That’s it! The server is now configured. Now we have to check the connection, click the Start Server button. If everything is allright, there will be a green tag with the word “Running” on it. Stop the server for a while and close the window.

Now we need the program for radio broadcasting. We’ll use SAM Broadcaster 4, because it’s the best solution to our task. Despite this program is not open-source, you can test it for free for a certain time. Anyway, we recommend this broadcasting system, as it is the most handy one.

After downloading and starting SAM Broadcaster, we have to configure it. First you see several windows, these are not the most required in our opinion. We advise to check the following ones: Clock, Statistic relays, Encoders, Volume, Voice FX, Deck A, Deck B, History, Queue, Playlist. You may uncheck the other windows, if you like. Now in the Encoders window click the black cross on the panel, choose mp3PRO. In the opening window choose the quality of your soundtrack in the Format field. It depends on the size of yout audience, the Internet connection speed and your PC’s productive capacity.

Next go to the Server Details in the top of the window. Server Type should be IceCast. Next choice — IceCast2. If you know your IP-address, type it in the Server IP string. Server Port — 8000. Password — the same password as you entered in the Icecast configuration. Mount — /live. Station name — your nickname from the Icecast configuration. That’s all. Click OK, click the square icon on the very top to minimize the SAM window, turn on the Icecast (is the green tag on?), minimize Icecast and maximize SAM again. Now in the Encoders field you have a string. Click it once and press the black triangle.

If everything is configured right, SAM will now connect to the server. Let’s check it up! Queue any media (it may be your favorite song or an audio book), double click the first item in the Queue window and the show begins. Now mute the sound in the Volume window, go to your media player, click the “Open URL…” button. Type there YOURIP:8000/live. If you here the sound, congratulations! Now you own your own radio.

Now all you have to do is to make it more popular. Invite your friends from social nets to join your broadcast, select the best content to launch, never let the server go offline and it won’t take long to enthral enough people to be your audience. Oh no! You have to invite the friends of your friends too. And then it will be the right time to start adding some ads to your air. Don’t overdo — people don’t like ads, but if the content is nice, they will submit your rules. Some advertisers do already have a radio-ad, that you can queue in your broadcasting, the others don’t. If so, you can always come to voiceover services by and order a nice advertisement there.

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