How to Make Money Using Pinterest

We all know that, in today’s world, one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money is to use the internet. There are many ways to do that and even more scams available out there, so make sure you treat the matter wisely, so that you reach your goals, without losing money on the way.

In order to make money online, the first thing you need is a website with high traffic. The good news is that you don’t have to create your own site, which might be expensive and which comes at high maintenance costs, all you need to do is to use an existing, popular social network that is highly successful and already has a large number of members worldwide. Simply put, you need Pinterest.

Pinterest is a photo-sharing tool, launched in 2010, which has quickly developed and became the fastest ever growing website in the world. It allows you to post and manage images related to a certain subject and allows you to browse material posted by other members, sharing similar interests. In February 2013, less than three years after being launched, Pinterest already counted 48 million users, a large percentage of it being women. So, how can you use this popular social marketing tool to make money? There are many ways:

  • CPAs and AdSense

We all know how this works, you put different banners and advertisements on your page and when your visitors click on them or perform a desired action, than you earn money.

  • Product Promotion

If you are manufacturing or selling products, then Pinterest is a great way to advertise and promote them, provided that you have high quality photos that will spark people’s interest.

  • Affiliate marketing

You can use Pinterest to promote products from websites like Amazon, by using a connecting link; visitors making a purchase through one of your links will be considered a referral and you will be able to earn more, just because a person sharing your interest happened to like that product.

These are just some of the ways in which you can benefit from using Pinterest. Besides using it as a tool to make money, there are many other ways in which you and your business could the most out of it. You can use it to advertise your company or your own website or to see how different people react to your products. It could be the least expensive way for market research and analysis.

In order for any of this to be efficient and for you to make money with Pinterest, you have to make sure you have as many followers as possible and that your images are being re-pinned by other people. This will ensure that all followers will be able to see them and promote them further, which can only increase your online profits.

Pinterest is basically a large database of consumer, that you can target based on their already expressed interests and, with the appropriate marketing, they could become your future clients, Make sure you play it smart and you start using all the resources provided by this social network to develop your business and make money.


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