Make Money By Email List

You can make money from a good email list for the rest of your life if you know how to market to your list properly. Your email list is your most valuable asset when it comes to making money online. A lot of people do not realize just how important an email list is and they never get around to building one. Well, now is your chance to get ahead of your competition by building a list.

You will need five things to start building your list.

  • Domain Name

First, you will need a domain name. You can buy domain names for 12$ a year – prices vary depending on which registrar you purchase the domain name from. Pick a domain name that suits the niche you are targeting.You can find available domain name at or any alternative suggestion at that site. If you want to learn more about what to consider before buying any domain name better to check forum to discuss with experts.

  • Hosting Account

Secondly, you will need a hosting account. There are many different hosting companies that you can choose from but the average price for hosting is around 20$ per month. It is recommended to avoid free hosting companies because the security and loading speeds are much worse than professional companies. Check this link to find the top hosting companies along with price comparison and reviews.

  • Autoresponder

The next thing that you will need to buy is a membership for an auto responder email list service. The most popular auto responder service is called AWeber – you can purchase the monthly trial for just one dollar. There are also many other useful email marketing autoresponder like mailchimp, getresponse. You can check their different membership levels with features available.

  • Squeeze Page

Next, you will need a squeeze page. You can either design your own squeeze page or purchase a template. Your squeeze page will be the backbone of your email list business. It will be the first thing that visitors will see when they load your website – it will determine whether or not they will subscribe to your list. So make sure that your squeeze page is neat and contains no grammar or spelling mistakes. Check this link to see the best examples of squeeze pages with useful tips. Autoresponder services also provide help to build squeeze pages.

  • Free Giveaways

The last thing that you will need is an offer of some kind. Most people choose to give a product away for free on their squeeze page. You can either choose to give away a free product or sell a product – the choice is yours. Either way, you need to make sure that the product you offer your visitors will actually help your visitors in one way or another – it needs to be useful.

Once you manage to set up your squeeze page nicely all you have to do is drive traffic towards the squeeze page and watch as people subscribe to your list. And how do you make money from this whole process? You market products to your email list. However, it is important that you do not send out too many promotional emails to your list or people are bound to unsubscribe quickly – nobody likes spam.  There are many different strategies that you can implement when it comes to marketing to your list. However, the core concept of email list marketing is to offer value to your subscribers. Help them in some way or another before you try to sell them products. Test out different strategies until you find one that works for you and you will be able to make good money from your list for the rest of your life.

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