Mom’s Guide to Self-Employed Business Ideas

Moms have the hardest jobs in the world, tending the kids and keeping the home. But there are moms who desire to earn some money during their idle time. It is not uncommon that millions of mothers out there are too crafty enough to juggle the needs of the family and starting a career right inside the living room. If you are a mom wishing to earn extra for the family here are some business ideas that you can use.


Blogging has evolved as an online diary to become a small business. As a blogger you need to find a niche or to write for a particular field of interest that you as a person knows a lot about. If you are an accountant aside from being a mother you can write about accounting for small businesses. You can earn by putting advertisements on your site, promoting products or selling products. You can also earn through affiliate marketing where you get to earn some money if someone clicks a link that you have and purchases something.

Call center services

There are lots of small businesses that turn to home-based agents to help them handle customer inquiries or technical support. For those who have a telephone line you can immediately get hired to take calls for small businesses and cater to their customers. It is also open for email support and even chat sessions. You will be replying to customer’s emails to the enterprise or engaging on a chat session with the customer asking about their concerns related to the enterprise.

Survey taker

It is hard to believe that you can earn decent cash when you take surveys at home. All you need is to have a reliable Internet connection and a client that would ask you to take surveys. A word of caution though, before you sign up it is best to check on the worthiness of the clients if they will pay you for your services. A lot of scams are going on the Internet and a lot of moms have been left with an empty bag. Be diligent enough to look for legitimate sites that offer survey taking jobs and prevent yourself from experiencing much anxiety when it comes to financial compensation.

Commercialize your hobby

Do you have a hobby? If you do, why not make money out of it. There have been moms that have been good at baking but only their kids and the husband gets to eat the goodies. Why not bake for other people on per order basis? You fulfill your dream as a pastry chef and earn a little extra for the family.

Run a scrapbookers’ inn

Scrapbooking has become a phenomenon all across America. Scrapbooking enthusiasts have been doing scrapbook retreats where they converge on places and do nothing but eat, sleep and scrapbooking. You can rent out a space on your house like the garage to people that wishes to have a weekend retreat. Offer them a good place to stay and some food and they will be happy campers…scrapbookers.

Mothers can become great entrepreneurs even if they are stuck at home. They just need to start thinking outside the box and use their resources to find a venture that they can truly call their own.

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