Things to Keep in Mind When Closing a Sale

The act of selling is useless unless you know how to close a sale. Learning to close a sale is a very crucial skill that every salesperson has to master. If you are still new to the world of selling, you need to keep in mind the following DON’TS of closing a sale.

Do not think that sales materials are all you need to close business.

You may have a nice website and you respond immediately to questions on emails and you always bring with you some well designed brochures. But, keep in mind that these things are only useful at the beginning of your conversation with the customer. The real act of buying only happens when your customer is able to discuss his needs and realized the value of getting some of it from your products or services.

Do not be in a hurry to close too soon.

Forget about that ABC or “always be closing” advice that other people gave you long time ago. When you are thinking about closing too soon, you will have the tendency to become so pushy right at the beginning of your conversation which will only increase the possibility of the customer walking away too soon as well. When selling, the law of physics should never be forgotten which says the harder you push the more resistance you get.

Do not try to close a sale with the wrong person.

Whenever you try to close a sale, make sure that you are always closing with the right person. This is when you need to be aware of who is really in charge of solving problems and of making money in a certain company. Although the purchasing department may also possess the discretion with regard to buying what the company needs but it will always be the operational manager who is in charge of letting the profit in while allowing some money out of the company in terms of reducing expenses. So, the next time you are about to close a sale avoid doing it without first talking to the operational manager or whoever is “really in-charge”.

Do not punish the customer for not making a quick decision.

A lot of salespersons often make the mistake of telling the customer that the amount of the product they are selling will increase if the purchase is not made right away. They would often say it like The usual price for this product is just $ 500 but if you will buy it from me today you can only have it for $400. This kind of sales talk will only lead your customer to thinking about the real reason why you are so anxious about closing a sale. Make the customer realize that closing business with you is something too worthy to miss. Never make any attempt of closing a sale just because your customer believed that he was able to avail of a discount. When your customer realizes that your product or service is worth buying, he will buy it no matter how much. In turn, you will have more customers in the long run and not just a temporary increase in your bottom line just because there are many customers who gave in to your discount. They will buy because they have faith in your product and not because they find it affordable.


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